Tuesday, December 29, 2009

There is a downside to Christmas

I can't believe the holidays are over :( I need to have one more post about Christmas and I want to share with you our first tree!

There is a downside to Christmas. Can you guess what it is? Yep, taking down the Christmas decorations is officially 2nd on my hate list (right after grocery shopping). Putting them up was so much fun! Listening to Christmas music while trimming our tree made me merry. But after spending 2 days cleaning and taking them down, I've turned into a Grinch. Until this Christmas our decorations, ornaments, etc. were stored in my mom's attic. Now that Christmas is over and mom's attic is no longer available, I have to find storage in my own house. One of the things we love about the house is the immense amount of storage. There are 3 alcoves in the master and guest bedrooms and a small attic. I decided to use one for holiday decorations. Guess what I discovered in our storage spaces? Noah's stuff. He has stuff everywhere! He has more UVA t-shirts, pants, shorts, hats, shoes, footballs, and other gear than anyone should accumulate in one lifetime. Noah says one of the perks of being on the football team was free stuff. I have to disagree with the word "perk." He doesn't wear half of it! It's in storage bins and bags in all of our storage space. And instead of choosing one alcove to store it in, he has spread it out throughout the house. In the guest room closet, I found a huge basket full of athletic shoes and cleats.

So I asked him, "Why is there a basket full of your shoes in the guest room?"

"There's a basket of shoes in the guest room?"

We've been living here 8 months and those shoes have been forgotten about (because his closet is already full of athletic shoes). And even though he just bought a pair of running shoes a few weeks ago, we must continue to store the basket of shoes.

Now ladies, here is a perfect example of "choosing you arguments wisely." I choose to let this one go. There are bigger fish to fry. For example, the garbage receptacle that is Noah's car.

So until next year, our ornaments and stockings are stored neatly with care,
along with the footballs and t-shirts that will forever be there :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Christmas to Remember

WARNING: the following post is somewhat sappy and sentimental.

It's Sunday and Noah's watching football (which means I'm bored). I have plenty of laundry to do and I should be going to bed early since I know this week will be busy busy with customers coming in for last minute gifts. Everyone is bustling about town to prepare for Christmas (which is somehow less than a week away). It seems as though every year I tell myself that I will buy all my xmas presents early. Yet here I am with 4 days to go and I still have shopping to do. I love Christmas time with the sparkling lights, Christmas music, apple cider (which my mom serves EVERY year on Christmas morning) and of course the holiday parties!

My shopping was put on hold this weekend from the HUGE snow storm that dropped about 14 inches of snow on Richmond. Jeter loves the snow. He hops about not knowing whether to eat the snow or play in it. Something changes when it snows. It's as if time slows down. I guess it's because you can't go anywhere but all our neighbors were in the streets with their dogs and children. One of our neighbors even brought us Christmas cookies. It's as if you're in your own Christmas movie.

What did I do on this snowy day?? I wrapped presents. And I'm not trying to sound conceited, but I am Martha freakin' Stewart when it comes to wrapping presents. It truly is an art form. I am bad at a lot of things; however, I am confident in 2 of my abilities: wrapping presents and baking chocolate chip cookies. Ask my mother (who has always been a cookie monster and taught me how to wrap).

This is a very special Christmas as it is our first as a married couple. I want to remember every second of it. Noah and I have been together for almost a decade and I find myself forgetting some of our happiest memories. I had just finished a long workout on the elliptical machine this morning. I was breathing heavily and staring at the Christmas tree. I looked at each ornament and tried to remember who gave it to us or where we purchased it. Each one has a special meaning and I don't want to forget. Finally, Noah looked at me and said, "babe, whatcha doin'?" I gave him a hug (even though I was gross) and I took a deep breath. My life has been a roller coaster ride with huge pitfalls and mountainous highs. It scares me to think about how great my life is because I'm so afraid of what may happen.

But you can't think like that. I'll enjoy the here and now and I'm ready for whatever life may throw at me.

I have the memory of an 85 year old. I want to get some of my memories written down.
So here are some of my favorites:

- We met in Costa Rica on spring break in high school. Our friends set us up and we were both so shy. Our resort was pretty large and everyone stayed in bungalows. There were little buses to cart you around the resort. Noah rode with me one night to my bungalow (just the two of us). He gave me a little hug but I remember getting butterflies.

- My sister hated Noah at first. We went horse back riding in Costa Rica on the beach at sunset (could that be more romantic?) Noah ruined it because his leg was rubbing on the saddle and he refused to go faster than a trot. Bonnie and I, on the other hand, were galloping up and down the beach.

- Our first kiss was pretty awful. His breath smelled like onions. To this day I refuse to kiss him if after he eats onions.

- Our first date was at Hermitage Country Club (a double date with Kevin and Blair... the ones who set us up)

- For my 16th birthday, Noah gave me a ring (which I still wear). My dad gave me a car a month before I turned 16 so Noah drove it around. He's probably driven that car more than I have!

- The first time I went to NYC was with Noah. It was amazing. We went to the Central Park Zoo and Noah was so afraid of the bird house. This is when I found out that he HATES birds.

- I made this adorable baseball cake for Noah when he turned 17.

And the one that tops them all.....the night Noah proposed

We went to Georgetown (for HIS birthday). We always stay at this one hotel right in the middle of Georgetown. We walked to dinner enjoying the surprising cool July evening. On our walk home, Noah asked, "Do you want to walk down by the canal." I declined since I was wearing these amazing Christian Louboutin peep toe pumps that were killing my feet (later I found out he was going to do it by the canal). When we got back to the hotel room, champagne was waiting for us. I changed into my pjs right away and Noah started acting weird. I didn't pay much attention because I thought maybe he hate too much or something. I hopped into bed and Noah handed me a glass. He told me to scoot over to the edge. I started making a toast about how much I loved him and ended it with, "Happy Birthday." I took a sip of champagne and realized Noah was making his own little speech. Before I knew it, he was down on one knee. I honestly can't remember what he said. I was so shocked I couldn't think! Somewhere in there I heard, "will you marry me?" Of course I said yes. We spent the next hour on the phone with our family (who already knew) and our friends.

Wait!!! This one tops them all...our wedding day!
- I loved every minute of our wedding day. I was nervous all day and didn't speak very much (I have no idea why I was so nervous). My wedding day felt like an out of body experience. It was so much fun and I wouldn't have changed a thing! Even if something goes wrong on your wedding day, you are so happy you don't even care (and I can say that because our groomsman passed out and our ring bearer threw up all over Noah's dad).

The first time I felt like Mrs. Greenbaum... was on our honeymoon. The morning after we arrived, we were woken up with a phone call. The operator said, "Good morning, Mrs. Greenbaum. Would you and your husband like breakfast in bed?"

I warned you this post was sappy!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Don't you just love Christmas?

Everywhere you look...wreaths, ornaments, lights, presents, elves, Santa...I could go on and on!
This is a very special Christmas for Noah and me as it is our first as husband and wife (I'll pause for the "awe"). We put up our very first tree and stockings (even one for Jeter). We put on Christmas music and spent the entire night decorating. Noah even danced with me a little (even though I know he thinks it's corny). It makes me realize how truly lucky I am to have such an amazing husband, a cute house, and the world's best dog :)

Fast forward one night...

We have no plans for the night which is good because I'm in a terrible mood for no reason (if you are a girl, you will understand this ... if you are a boy, you won't understand it and you never will). I call Noah on the way home to inform him we have nothing to cook for dinner and I am not about to go to the grocery store (it's cold and raining...and I DESPISE the grocery shopping when I'm in a good mood). I decide it's definitely a Chinese night. I'll go home and put on my pjs and engorge myself with moo goo gai pan.

As I walk into the kitchen (dreaming about snow peas), there's Noah with groceries.
"I'm going to make grilled chicken and put it on a salad."

Now normally I would give him a huge kiss and say, "that is so sweet of you." I mean he's cooking and he's making something nutritious!

But not tonight. No, tonight I am a bad mood bear.

All I can think about is the fact that I don't get to waste 3 days of caloric intake on my Chinese. No, I HAVE to eat healthy. I bite my tongue. That's a lie...here's what I really do...

"Babe, you are going to mess up the entire kitchen. Which means that I will have to clean it. I don't want to clean tonight. I'm not feeling well and I'm not in the mood." (I'm such a bitch).

Noah assures me he will be neat. I ignore him and stomp up the stairs to change into my pjs.

The meal was delicious and nutritious! It actually put me in a much better mood (maybe I was just hungry all along). I felt terrible for being so nasty to Noah and spend the rest of the night making it up to him. When Noah goes into the office, I decide to sneak into the kitchen and clean up the entire mess before he notices.

OH MY GOSH. He managed to get olive oil EVERYWHERE. I guess he used the olive oil to cook the chicken. He must have had the burner up way too high because there was oil burnt to the stove top, on the microwave and all over the counter. Just as I finish assessing the damage, Noah walks in afraid of what I may say to him now. All I can do is laugh. I remind myself of how lucky I am and how insignificant a little mess is. Besides, Noah is so cute I can't resist myself (I'll pause for you to gag).

Most importantly, you never know when Santa is watching...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Is it already December????

Where did November go??? I turned on my car today and Feliz Navidad was playing on the radio! 'Tis the Season already!?!?

Looking back on November....

1. Sophie Theallet: Every year Coplon's (where I work) teams up with the International Hospital for Children for a benefit auction. They provide the auction items and we provide the night's entertainment...a fashion show. The event is always a huge success raising over $500,00! Hank (boss man) asked Sophie Theallet to be our guest designer. She was INCREDIBLE! She is a french designer who has worked for Jean Paul-Gaultier (drool). Read more on the Virginia Living blog. Coolest part...Just days after leaving Richmond, she won the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, which includes a $200,000 prize for her collection! Nicole Kidman and designer Alber Albaz presented Sophie with the prestigious award!

As far as the fashion show goes, the collection was beautifully chic and made for a real woman. I love this part of my job because I fit all the models and stage manage the show. Our 11 models have 30 seconds to change clothes and we never went out of order! It was an amazing (but exhausting) night!

2. Urbana Oyster Festival: Noah and I were invited by our amazing friends to go to the Urbana Oyster Festival a couple weeks ago. While this was my first time, this is the 52nd year of the Urbana Oyster Festival. I am not usually a fan of festivals, carnivals, fairs, etc. but we had so much fun! We spent the entire weekend at the river (so beautiful). The weather was amazing and the festival was fun. All the local wineries hosted a wine tasting event (which Noah and I always enjoy). Noah ate a seafood fritter (see photo). Basically they found every sea creature they could find (fish, clams, squid, shrimp...) and fried it. I don't have to tell you it was disgusting. I still can't believe he ate it.

3. FLORIDA! Ever since my mom was 16 years old, my family has gone to Florida for Thanksgiving. I was 3 months old the first time I went. It's great because my step-dad's family has houses about an hour from us so we all spend Thanksgiving together (19 total this year and a lot of family couldn't even make it). I love my step-dad's fam because there are sooo many of them and they are all so nice. I am really lucky. While my life has been ever changing (constantly moving because of divorce), Thanksgivings have always been something I could count on. It never changes! And what better way to spend Thanksgiving than sitting by the pool or walking the beach on an 85 degree day??? I come back totally relaxed and a little tan.

Best part of Thanksgiving....pumpkin pie! Nobody in my family even likes pumpkin pie so I have no idea why I love it so much! When chocolate isn't the main ingredient, I usually pass on dessert. Oh who am I kidding??? I have the worst sweet tooth. I don't need the turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, or cranberry sauce! Just give me the pie :) Plus, pumpkin is a vegetable right?

While I was on vacation I actually had time to read books. I read 2 really good ones!

- The Help by Kathryn Stockett was recommended to me by my friend, Sally.

Taking place in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960's, the book follows three brave women on their journey to make a change in an extremely segregated world. All of Miss Skeeter's Ole Miss friends are married and having children at 22. But Miss Skeeter doesn't dream of Junior League, babies and afternoon tea. With the aspiration of moving to New York to become a journalist, she takes a job with the local paper writing a housekeeping column. Since she knows nothing about how to get rid of stains or rust, she asks her friend's black maid, Aibileen, for advice. She quickly learns of the hardships Aibileen faces on a daily basis. Trying to impress a big-time NY book editor, Miss Skeeter thinks of a courageous and dangerous idea...a book. She teams up with Aibileen to write a book about the experiences of 12 maids. It's a really interesting book and keeps you wanting more!

- Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts was my second read. This is the 2nd book in Nora Roberts' bride quartet. My mom gave me the first book, Vision in White, to read on my honeymoon and I loved it. I actually liked this book better than the first. It's about four friends who run Vows, a wedding planning business. The event coordinator, Parker, was left her parents' huge estate when they tragically died. The other girls take care of the photography, flowers and pastries. This book follows the florist, Emma, on her journey to find true love. Obviously, each installment follows each woman on her love quest.

This book is not suitable for children! I was reading it on the airplane when Noah started to read over my shoulder. He couldn't believe the sex scene :)

New Moon: I've already discussed my vampire addiction. Clearly, I had to watch New Moon when it came out. Problem...I was in Florida! I wasn't about to waste my time in a movie theater when it's beautiful during the day and there are restaurants to dine in at night. So I waited until it rained. The island is very remote and the one movie theater is TINY! Each row had about 5 seats and there were maybe 20 rows. It was so cute (like Noah....and Jacob). I loved it and I don't know if I can wait for the next installment. Don't care what the movie critics say....

4. Al Groh is FIRED! We came home from Florida on Friday so we could go to the UVA/TECH game on Saturday. The tailgating was fun but the game was TERRIBLE! It was sooo embarrassing. We fell apart in the 4th quarter. So we ran from the stadium with our tails between our legs. I was so relieved to learn that Al Groh was fired less than 24 hours after the game (if you can even call it that). I'm going to forget this season ever happened and enjoy the 8 months of bliss until football season starts again (just kidding).

November was so busy I can't remember everything! I am really looking foward to Noah and I's first Chrismikkah together as a married couple! Time to trim the tree :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I want to suck your blood...

Even though the word "Vampire" didn't appear in literature until the 18th century, Vampire myths can be traced back to prehistoric times. Of course the most notable Vampire story is Bram Stoker's Dracula in 1897. But by 1897, these mythological creatures were old news. "In ancient times, the term vampire did not exist; blood drinking and similar activities were attributed to demons or spirits who would eat flesh and drink blood; even the Devil was considered synonymous with the vampire. Almost every nation has associated blood drinking with some kind of revenant or demon, or in some cases a deity" (Wikipedia..DUH).

Yet somehow our society has become obsessed with these blood-hungry descendants of the devil. Everywhere you turn, there are heroins falling in love with a vampire. And contrary to the centuries of believing vampires are evil, these vampires aren't out to kill you! In fact, they are out to protect you!

And why wouldn't you fall in love with these cute vamps?

From True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and the Twilight saga, women everywhere are swooning over vampires! Don't get me wrong, with every good vampire there is an evil one lurking in the background.
Whatever....I love it! Guess what? Noah is to blame for my vampire obsession. He got me to watch True Blood (which is pretty gory so I wouldn't start with True Blood). Before you judge, give a show, movie or book a chance! I promise these vampires will have you hooked!
My favorite part of watching/reading these stories are, what I like to call, "vampire rules."
- Most can't go out during the day (unless they wear a special ring or it has to be cloudy...no sunlight)
- All of them drink blood (the good ones only drink animal blood)
- You have to either tear the vampire to shreds and burn it or run a wooden steak through the heart to kill a vampire
- They can run incredibly fast
- They have super human strength
- Their eyes turn funny colors and their fangs come out when they are "hungry" or upset
- The only way to "become" a vampire is to be bitten by a vampire
I could go on but I think I've hit my dorky limit for the day :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Egg Hunting

Nope, it's not Easter! But there seem to be some extra eggs around the Greenbaum house!

As I've mentioned in the past, my family is full of animal lovers (especially my mom). My mom and I had the great idea to have turtle doves at my wedding. We have 2 beautiful antique bird cages which we thought would be beautiful on either side of the entrance into the ballroom. Here is a picture of my mom with her doves :)

You can't tell but there are 2 doves in that cage (which made a total of 4 doves at our wedding). Guess what happened to them after the wedding??? My mom took 2 and gave Noah and me 2.

I grew up having doves as pets. Noah, however, HATES birds. They totally freak him out. On our honeymoon, peacocks roamed our hotel. Noah wouldn't get near them (even the little baby ones). He doesn't go anywhere near our doves either. When I open the cage door to give them food or water, Noah leaves the room!

I discovered something very interesting today when I gave our birds (who have no names because we can't tell them a part) fresh water...one of them laid an egg! Of course I have no idea which one the egg came from! I don't even know if one of them is male! I told my friend, Sally, about my egg discovery and she quickly googled for some fast facts on egg hatching.

What did we discover?? (allexperts.com)

- Doves can have babies have 46 days!

- You should leave the egg in the cage even if it is infertile (if the mom lays too many eggs she could deplete her calcium levels)

- Male doves usually sit on the eggs during the day and the females at night

- Don't tell Noah...doves in captivity can live 12-15 YEARS!!!!!

Very interesting.... My mom's doves have laid many eggs and 8 hatched! Now my step-sister has 2 doves and my mom has 5! With the number of eggs her dove is producing, I'm pretty sure I have 2 female doves. After closer inspection of the egg, I realized it is cracked. I think I will put a nest in the cage for any future eggs.

Moral of my post...if you want doves at your wedding, get the release doves. That way you won't come back from your honeymoon with 2 new pets :)

Key to the Cure

Do you know that 1 in 3 men and 1 in 2 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime?

I didn't until yesterday. I had no idea the numbers were so staggering. My friend and I went to Saks Fifth Avenue's "Key to the Cure," which benefits the VCU Massey Cancer Center. This was my first time attending the event and I can't wait to go next year! Not only does it benefit and promote a wonderful cause (women's cancer research), it is lots of fun. There were tons of area restaurants with great food and good drinks. During the evening, there was a fashion show featuring fall looks from Saks.

2 side notes from the event:

1. We wore name tags: I love name tags because I forget names. It is one of my many faults. Anyways, my name tag looked funny. Why? It had a strange name on it... I searched the table with rows of organized name tags for mine with no success. The woman behind the table working the event found my name tag and handed it to me. It read, "Muffy Greenbaum." Oh yea, that's me! I have gotten used to the sound of my last name and even writing it. However, it still surprises me when I see it. Clearly, this was my first post-marriage experience with a name tag. After the initial shock of it, I was proud to be wearing my awesome new name on my dress! I love name tags :)

2. Cakes by Graham: Graham Haddock is an ex-chef in the British military who owns this fabulous cakery in Richmond, VA. He made this delicious and beautiful cake for the event last night. I also love Graham because he made our beautiful wedding cake! Most wedding cakes look beautiful but taste like cardboard. Not Graham's cake, they're as wonderful to eat as they are to look at! I would recommend him to anyone in need of good cake! Just look at our beautiful cake!

Monday, October 5, 2009

I cried watching ESPN's College Game Day

That's right....this past Saturday College Game Day brought me to tears. Why?

Because of this truly inspirational player:

Mark Herzlich: "Boston College's linebacker finished his junior year a star." He finished as the ACC definisive player of the year. He was projected to be a top 5 draft pick for 2010. In the spring of 2009, Mark went to the doctor with a pain in his leg. Mark's life was turned upside down on May 12, 2009 when he was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, a rare, malignant bone cancer (ESPN.com). But I didn't cry because of his disease, I cried because of his fight. Through all the chemotherapy and radiation, he never stopped working out or supporting his team. He is on the sideline at every game, he attends every meeting, and he keeps praying to be on the team again.

"When I picture beating cancer...the end result is me running out of the tunnel with the team behind me...with the crowd being as loud as I've ever heard it..." -Mark

On Saturday, Mark announced that the doctor is 99% sure he is cancer free. After surgery to repair his left leg, Mark hopes to rejoin his team. This story is truly inspirational and if you missed the interview, you should definitely take the time to watch it on ESPN.
Absolutely amazing..... I wish I could be more like him.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Genetic Freaks

Proving life really is unfair:

Heidi Klum: Here she is almost 9 months pregnant and she's had 3 other children! I wouldn't look this good on my best day.

Kelly Rippa: You're probably thinking, "Yea but she has all those talented make-up artists to make her look that pretty!"

Well you were wrong....even without make-up, still adorable!

And the woman I really love to hate....

Marisa Miller: Should anyone be allowed to be this beautiful?

Clearly Noah and I both have a thing for blonds...

Well now that I've depressed myself, I think I'll go eat a brownie :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why is it that...

He can open the door, walk across the back yard, outside the back fence, open the trash can, put the trash in the trash can, close the trash can, walk back across the yard into the house in the pouring down rain/snow/hot/cold weather but putting a dish in the dish washer is too much work?

He can recall who won the Superbowl in 1996 and probably even the score but can't remember where we went on our first date? (I have to say that I have problems with memory so this one is a bad example...I can't think about where we went right now actually).

He is so smart when it comes to politics, math, current events, history, etc. but he locks the keys in the tool shed?

He doesn't comment on what I'm wearing but as soon as I have on a new outfit he immediately says, "when did you get that?" I mean how does he know my closet so well? He didn't see me bring the shopping bag in!!!!

After 4 months of living in our new house, he knows how to work the television, Xbox, and microwave but the dishwasher is still a challenge?

Why is it that after a terrible day, he can make me laugh?

And why is it that at least once a day he makes me feel special and loved?

Moral of my post...husbands may be impossible at times but their imperfections make them even more adorable :) And I'm pretty sure Noah's list of "why is it that..." would be longer than mine!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lazy Sundays...

Around our house, Sundays consist of sleeping late, eating scrambled eggs (with pepper jack cheese YUM), a slew of sporting events, a walk with Jeter, and laundry.

While this particular Sunday includes all of the activities listed above, it has one more...reminiscing. This weekend was full of Collegiate School activities. Noah and I both went to Collegiate K-12, Noah's dad is a teacher there, and Noah coaches 7th grade football and Varsity baseball in addition to his financial advising job. Needless to say, we still have a strong connection to our alma mater. This weekend included the alumni oyster roast, the homecoming football game, and my 5 year high school reunion. I can't believe I graduated from high school 5 years ago! It seems like yesterday... It's crazy how fast time flies! This weekend was so much fun and I think I proved that just because you're married, doesn't mean you can't have fun :) It was so great to see everyone and even though it's been 5 years, it felt like we all had just graduated together. Most of my classmates went to school for 13 years at Collegiate. Which means, I've known most of these people for 18 years. That's crazy!

I can't wait for our 10 year reunion! After five years, all we've had time to do was go to college and job hunt. But after 10 years, people will be married, living all over the world with amazing careers, and maybe some of us will have kids!

On a side note, I've done a lot of laundry today. Noah had a stain on one of his shirts. I grabbed what I thought was stain remover and sprayed it all over this shirt (it was a big stain!). When I had finished drenching the shirt, I realized I just sprayed bathroom cleaner on it. OOPS! I thought, "Great...I've just ruined this nice shirt." But I put it in the washing machine and hoped for the best. It came out like new! AMAZING! I'm not saying that I'm gonna keep using it on my stains, but it worked wonders! It's also a great bathroom cleaner.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Just Don't Get It

It's important to be an individual and have your own sense of style. For the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards, Lady Gaga took these words of wisdom to a whole different level.

Her red carpet look...weird (but it is the VMAs).

End of her performance. This gore is worse than True Blood. SCARY.

Accepting her award. Lady Gaga, we get it! You're weird!

Haha this is without a doubt my favorite look. Her last look of the evening and she went out with a bang. How can you take her seriously!?!?!?!?

Some people call her crazy...some call her genius. I'm gonna side with crazy (unless you are talking about scariest Halloween costume....in which case, I would definitely have to go with genius).

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I despise...

Why? I don't know. It's a simple enough task but I can't stand it. As soon as Noah and I got married (ok really throughout our relationship), we just fell into those stereotypical gender roles. He takes out the trash...I do the dishes. He cuts the grass...I go grocery shopping. We do, however, split the cooking responsibilities and feeding Jeter.
I would rather do any of those designated "wifely duties" than go grocery shopping.
Worse: grocery shopping
Even Worse: grocery shopping with Noah (he has to go up and down EVERY aisle and it takes us 3 times as long. Plus, he forgets half the things that are actually on the grocery list! We usually split up and I spend half the time looking for him)
Worst: grocery shopping in heels
I typically go to the grocery store after I get off work because I don't want to spend my days off at Kroger or Ukrop's. When I know I have to go, I don't wear heels to work. I would love to go to the grocery store in juicy pants, a sweat shirt and rainbows because at least I would be comfortable while doing something I hate. Yesterday, I went to the grocery store after work and (gasp) I was wearing these heels:

Before I continue, I must comment on these beautiful (and surprisingly comfortable) Loeffler Randall "Ever" platform sandals. Perfection in a shoe. Mine are not blue, however, they are cream. As soon as you put on this shoe, you immediately feel sexy. And with the platform, they really aren't that high and are easy to walk in. Let's face it...everyone looks better in heels. They elongate your legs making you appear taller and skinnier. One of the girls I work with wears heels EVERYDAY. I am not joking. I've never seen her in flats!

Ok so picture me in my jeans, my huge handbag and these clunkers. Believe me, I got some looks. I forget that normal people don't dress the way I dress to go to work. Since I work in a clothing store, I have to appear as though I have some sense of style. There is no "dress code" at my job. As long as you look stylish/chic, you're golden. Since I couldn't quickly maneuver myself around the store (like I usually can in my flats), it took me forever! I wasn't comfortable and the shoes were actually starting to pinch after 8 hours of work.

But as I walked in the door with an armful of grocery bags, and saw my husband patiently awaiting my arrival, I was glad I came home looking cute. Keeps 'em on their toes :)

I kept them on while I cooked dinner...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Curtain Is Up On CenterStage

What's my favorite part about Christmas? The Richmond Ballet's performance of the Nutcracker. I danced in the Nutcracker for 6 years growing up and I loved every minute of it. And even though my pointe shoes were hung up long ago, I still can't wait to watch the Nutcracker as least once every holiday season. Last Christmas my sister gave me a DVD of George Balanchine's Nutcracker. For those of you who don't know of the infamous choreographer, this is the original choreography and the New York City Ballet performs it every year. I have yet to see the New York City Ballet perform, but it definitely on my list of things I MUST do in my life.

I was very sad when the Carpenter Center (home of the Richmond Ballet) closed for renovations in 2004. However, this wasn't the first time the theater had closed. Originally called "Loew's Theatre," this magnificent building opened in 1928 as a movie theater. It's first showing? Gone with the Wind. Loew's Theater closed in 1979 and re-opened as the Carpenter Centre for the Performing Arts in 1983 (Cenema Treasures).

After 5 years and $73 million, the theater (and 3 other venues) opened it's doors this weekend with a new name: CenterStage. CenterStage is comprised of three performance venues, a visual arts gallery and an innovative education facility (CenterStage). The Carpenter Theatre will keep it's name. The coolest aspect of the theatre is the twinkling lights on the ceiling (they look like stars!) With the new renovation, these "stars" got new fiber optics to enhance their sparkle!
I can't wait to enjoy the Nutcracker this winter on it's new stage!!!!
For Tickets visit richmondballet.com.
I know your probably thinking it's difficult for me to convince Noah to go to the ballet. All I have to do is remind him of the countless hours of football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, etc. I watch with him! If I can do that he can handle a couple of hours at the ballet! The last ballet I took him to was the Richmond Ballet's Cinderella. After three hours and 2 intermissions, I almost lost him! We probably go to 2-3 ballets a year and I go to at least 20 sporting events so he really can't complain :) You have to be fair in order to have a happy marriage!

Monday, September 7, 2009

We interrupt this marriage....

....to bring you football season! Football season is officially in full force, and around my house, that means ESPN is being abused! This plate hangs in our kitchen... The plate is funny but it is also sentimental. I purchased it while visiting my best friend, Sally, at Ole Miss. We went to a football game (and by "went to the game" I mean we tailgated and watched it on TV at the tailgate). Ole Miss tailgates are serious business! We spent the entire night before the game cooking. They had yummy southern food (I tried my first cheese straw that weekend...delicious!)

This weekend was the 1st UVA football game of the season! We purchased season tickets this year. UVA played William & Mary and lost. When we arrived to Charlottesville, I was so excited! I haven't been to C'ville in a while and I love visiting (I wouldn't mind living there either!) It is soo beautiful. As we drove past the corner, I couldn't help but be envious of all those college students. We parked our car and immediately went into "tailgate" mode. Noah wanted to be in the stadium for kickoff so we had to cut our tailgate short. You could feel the energy in the stadium and, as the cavalier rode onto the field on his horse, I felt like I was home again. I can't even begin to tell you how many hours I've spent in that stadium. UVA scored a touchdown pretty early in the 1st quarter. And the playing of the "Good 'Ole Song," marked the first score of the season. After that, everything went down hill. It was actually hard to watch. By the end, I was embarrassed to call myself a Virginia fan. Nonetheless, I'm excited for football season. While it is more fun when your team wins, I love it (losing team and all)!

There is one more fall "must have" I left off my list:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Do you feel that???

IT'S FALL!!!!!!!!! It's September which means the kiddies are back in school, Halloween candy is out, and the stores are full of new, fall merchandise!!!!
Here is my list of this season's must haves!

1. Boots: This is my number one "must have." They are EVERYWHERE this season. Tall ones, short ones, black ones, brown ones. You name the size and color....someone has designed it. Wear them with anything and everything. Wear them over jeans or pair them with opaque tights and a dress. Just wear them! (And you don't have to spend $500 on a pair like these Tory Burch ones....even though you desperately want to, who cares if it's as much as your car payment?)
2. Scarves: Scarves are great. It's just that simple. They complete your look while keeping you warm. It's a more polished/sophisticated look. I've seen them in a rainbow of colors and patterns. And contrary to what your husband thinks, you can never have too many accessories: shoes, scarves, and jewelry.
3. Red Dress: This dress combines two trends for fall: the color red and a great day dress. Everyone looks good in red!
4. Fur: Real or faux, fur is amazing! This little vest is faux Rachel Roy. However, if you're in the market for the real deal, and you don't have thousands to spend on a luxurious mink, look to Jocelyn. You can get an adorable rabbit fur vest or shawl for $100-$300.
5. Coat: Everyone should have a perfect winter coat. A black or camel one is always the best choice since it will go with everything. My wardrobe lacks this essential piece, and it is my goal this season to find it!
6. Statement Necklace: There are great costume necklaces this season from Ann Taylor to Oscar de la Renta! (You think I'm kidding about Ann Taylor but I've seen some really cute pictures in a ton of magazines) These pieces are meant to make a statement. This necklace is from Banana Republic (which has great, inexpensive jewelry). You will see a ton of necklaces that tie with a ribbon this season.
The Jeter dog needs to go for a walk so that's all for now! If anyone is actually reading my blog, let me know what you think, what you're wearing this season, yummy recipes, etc. You can post anonymously!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Feelin' Good!

Noah and I had such a wonderful weekend with our friends. We had a dinner party on Friday and a Wedding on Saturday. Our friend, Anne, got married and it was such a wonderful event! It does, however, make me sad that our wedding is over :( I can't believe we've already been married 3 months! I feel like we just got married yesterday! When I'm at the grocery store or pharmacy, I want to pick up the latest issue of InStyle Weddings (my favorite wedding magazine) but I resist. I can't wait until my sister gets engaged just so I have an excuse to buy wedding magazines (that is so sad). But how you can you not be in a good mood when you're reading about favors, honeymoon destinations, bridesmaids dresses, and the perfect groom's gift!

After a weekend of fun, Noah and I woke up to a Sunday of being tired and a little hungover. No worries because I have a cure. And while I'm talking about the ultimate hangover cure, I might as well share with you some of my other favorite things that make us feel good!
1. Propel Fitness Packets: These little packets are easy to keep in your pantry and all you need is a glass of water! We like the Strawberry-Kiwi flavor. They are especially good after a long night of celebrating!

2. VitaCraves: Let's face it....we probably aren't getting enough vitamins through our diet. I wish I could say I eat a ton of vitamin-rich veggies but I'm lucky to eat one or two vegetables/fruit daily. I try to be good about taking vitamins; however, with my sensitive stomach, they always make me nauseous. My friend told me about VitaCraves by One A Day and they are delicious! This gummy vitamin is yummy and doesn't upset my stomach. I feel like a kid again. Before the VitaCraves came out, I tried the Women's02 by One A Day. This powdered drink mix is a complete multivitamin. As I poured the powder into my water bottle, it turned blood red and started fizzing. GROSS. I smelled it and immediately gagged. I didn't have the guts to even try it. My friend, Lizzie, was the only one willing to be the guinea pig. She said, "it tastes worse than it smells." No thank you.
3. Meal Protein Bar: I have tried a ton of different meal bars. The Chocolate Peanut Butter meal bar by Special K is by far my favorite. I love the convenience of being able to throw one in my bag as I'm running out the door. Not only is the bar tasty, you feel full and you stay full for a few hours. It has 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber with only 180 calories.
4. New Running Shoes: I am embarrassed to say that Noah has not gotten new running shoes in years. I finally convinced him to purchase new ones. It wasn't about the fact that they looked gross and smelled even worse, they didn't provide him any support. If you are an avid runner, new shoes every 6 months are a must! "Running in old or worn-out shoes is one of the most common causes of running injuries. Your running shoes lose shock absorption, cushioning and stability over time. Continuing to run in worn-out running shoes increases the stress and impact on your legs and joints" (about.com). If you run on on concrete, this is especially important. One of the most common injuries due to worn out shoes?? Shin splints (ouch). To increase the life of your shoes, make sure they have a cool, dry place to air out.

5. Green Works by Clorox: When Noah and I moved in together, I purchased all new cleaning products. I bought the entire line of Green Works by Clorox from window cleaner to toilet cleaner. I love them all! Not only are they eco-friendly, they clean really well! "Each product uses plant-based and biodegradable ingredients. Green Works cleaners are not tested on animals and use recyclable packaging... a natural line of cleaners that clean without harsh chemical residue. They’re made with plant-based materials that clean with the power you’d expect from Clorox" (clorox.com).

6. Fish: It took me 22 years to eat fish (I know I know). But now that I love fish, I can't get enough!!! A Harvard study shows that eating oily fish (like salmon) twice a week decreased the risk of death from heart disease by 36%. Fish is also known to decrease symptoms of depression, bad skin, arthritis, prostatitis and cystitis and prevent prostate cancer (CNN.com). Not only is it good for you, it's yummy too!
Here is an EASY salmon marinade:
- Basil, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and zest, soy sauce. YUM

Monday, August 24, 2009

Only Time Will Tell....

Clearly, my blog lacks a certain level of seriousness/importance. You won't find posts about health care reform, terrorism, or war crimes. This is my opportunity to relax and share useless information haha. We hear about politics, crime, and disease enough through TV, newspapers and satellite radio. However, I feel obliged to talk about Michael Vick. For those of you who live under a rock, Vick is an ex-quarterback of the Falcons, and recently served an 18 month sentence for illegal dog fighting. On May 21, 2009, Michael Vick was released from prison. Not even three months had passed when Vick signed a $1.6 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles in August.

Noah and I have been following this story since Vick was first accused in 2007. A few nights ago, we watched the 60 Minutes interview with Michael Vick. Before I decided whether I think Vick feels guilt and remorse for his actions, I wanted to hear what he had to say.

- Michael Vick was 8 years old when he was first introduced to dog fighting. He thought it was "cool" and "exciting."
- (2007) In a farm in rural Virginia, police uncovered an illegal dog fighting operation at Vick's home called "Bad News Kennels." They removed 66 dogs, exhumed the bodies of 7 dogs, and found dog fighting paraphernalia.
- Vick was ordered to pay over $1 million dollars in attempt to rehabilitate the saved dogs in an effort to adopt them out.
- He pleaded guilty to barbarous treatment of the dogs including, "beating them, shooting them, electrocuting them, and drowning them."
- He says, "it was wrong... I feel so bad about that now. I didn't step up. I wasn't the leader."
- He ran "Bad News Kennels" with a friend for 6 years
- Lost $135 million contract. "I deserved to lose the $135 million." He had a reputation for being lazy. The "last one to practice and the first one out of the locker room."
- When Vick was first accused, he lied about it. Why? "I knew my career was in jeopardy...I knew it was going to be a tremendous letdown."

The interview also included the president of the Humane Society:
- He remains "skeptical" but enlisted Vick to become an ambassador for the Humane Society
- There are 40,000 professional dog fighters in the country and 100,000 street fighters.
- Dogs die from blood loss, injury and shock
- Michael Vick visits schools in his community and encourages the children to "love your animals."

"I am going to let my actions speak louder than my words...I can be a living example of what not to do." - Michael Vick

Post-interview reactions:

- He served 18 months in jail for a crime he LIED about. How long would he have served if he had told the truth? 3 days???
- I am not one to hold grudges and I feel that everyone deserves a 2nd chance; however, do I think Vick served a sentence equal to the crime? NO
- What does it say about our society when a man who has beaten and killed dogs for 6 years is now making $1.6 million a year??? NFL football players (especially quarterbacks) are treated like gods. Does he deserve that? I don't think so...
- If someone is able to treat harmless animals in a barbaric manner, would they do the same to humans?

Do I think Vick feels genuine sorrow for his horrific actions? Jury's still out...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Runner's Etiquette

I am not a morning person. How do I change this? I literally DO NOT want to get out of bed in the morning. I'm ALWAYS late because I think of every excuse not to get out of bed. As a result, I've had to run after work at 6 PM. You would think that by this time of night, it would be less hot/humid. WRONG...actually, this is the hottest time of the day. I don't understand why I can't get my butt out of the bed and run before work. Once I actually get up, I have a lot of energy and have no desire to go back to bed. HELP!

As far as the running goes, I'm really enjoying getting back into a exercise routine (it's a slow process but I'm working hard). I have found a route in our neighborhood that I really enjoy. It has one hard hill that I do close to the beginning of my run (it's a killer). I run for thirty minutes and do a 10-15 minute walk with Jeter :). I figured out the mileage in my car the other day...I'm running a little more than 3 miles (which is about a 9 minute mile....pretty good).

On my runs, I've discovered something....my fellow walkers/runners are not very friendly. And most of them are just rude. I've never run in a neighborhood so I don't know the proper protocol when I pass someone. Growing up in a rural area, I ran past corn fields and cows (not humans). When I pass someone, I like to give a little wave, maybe even say "hello," or at least smile. I am alone in acting this way. When I pass people, they don't wave, say "hello" or smile. In fact, they turn their heads so they don't even have to look at me! Am I that grotesquely ugly or are people just that unfriendly? I know you are exercising and don't want to be bothered. But come on people, being nice never hurt anyone! The only person who has actually returned the gesture was this cute old man walking his dog.

I'm not going to stop being friendly even if I do get a reputation in the neighborhood for being that "weird blond girl who waves at people when she runs."

Monday, August 17, 2009


"In my world, nothing is certain but death, taxes, and sports." (Me changing Ben Franklin's famous phrase). My upbringing consisted of horseback riding, piano and ballet. So when I met Noah, my world changed drastically as he introduced me to his world of football, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, soccer, lacrosse, etc. etc. etc... All of a sudden I went from learning things like "balancé," "assemblé," and "battemont en cloche" to "designated hitter," "mulligan," and "fumblerooski." (I didn't make this word up...it's a real play) I'm still working on all my sports lingo. I love going to sporting events. When I get tired of actually watching the football/baseball/basketball/whatever sport game, there is TONS of people watching. I love watching the little kids, the cheerleaders, and the players sitting on the sidelines. Watching them on TV, however, is another story.

We should just have an "ESPN" button on our remote control...it would make our lives a lot easier. As soon as a sporting event comes onto the television, my eyes glaze over. Some of my best naps are during golf games on Sundays...like this past Sunday when Tiger lost :( I woke up to catch the last hole. In college, I watched UVA play football live and then go back to Noah's apartment and watch the game again on TIVO. And it wasn't just Noah and me. There we would be...Noah, me, his 3 other roommates, their parents, siblings and other football fans. His apartment would be packed with those wanting to re-watch the game. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Don't get me wrong, football is my favorite sport. It's always exciting and fun to watch. But come on boys, they probably watched it a dozen more times in practice the next week.

I try very hard to be a supportive wife of a sportsaholic. And I have finally found a sports program I don't have to pretend to watch! (It only took 8 years) Ladies, turn to HBO every Wednesday at 10 pm to impress your husband. Hard Knocks follows head coach Marvin Lewis and the Cincinnati Bengals through training camp as veterans, rookies and free agents alike compete for space on a team with everything to prove (http://www.hbo.com/). My love for this series started last year when HBO followed the Dallas Cowboys (oh, Tony). You become so attached to the rookies who are fighting to stay on the team. I know how hard these boys work to even get to this point in their football careers. After hundreds of games, thousands of practices, blood, sweat, and injury, it only takes one minute for the coach to tell you that you won't be a part of the team. It breaks my heart. It gets us excited for football season to begin (we put up our UVA flag in preparation).