Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why is it that...

He can open the door, walk across the back yard, outside the back fence, open the trash can, put the trash in the trash can, close the trash can, walk back across the yard into the house in the pouring down rain/snow/hot/cold weather but putting a dish in the dish washer is too much work?

He can recall who won the Superbowl in 1996 and probably even the score but can't remember where we went on our first date? (I have to say that I have problems with memory so this one is a bad example...I can't think about where we went right now actually).

He is so smart when it comes to politics, math, current events, history, etc. but he locks the keys in the tool shed?

He doesn't comment on what I'm wearing but as soon as I have on a new outfit he immediately says, "when did you get that?" I mean how does he know my closet so well? He didn't see me bring the shopping bag in!!!!

After 4 months of living in our new house, he knows how to work the television, Xbox, and microwave but the dishwasher is still a challenge?

Why is it that after a terrible day, he can make me laugh?

And why is it that at least once a day he makes me feel special and loved?

Moral of my post...husbands may be impossible at times but their imperfections make them even more adorable :) And I'm pretty sure Noah's list of "why is it that..." would be longer than mine!

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