Tuesday, December 29, 2009

There is a downside to Christmas

I can't believe the holidays are over :( I need to have one more post about Christmas and I want to share with you our first tree!

There is a downside to Christmas. Can you guess what it is? Yep, taking down the Christmas decorations is officially 2nd on my hate list (right after grocery shopping). Putting them up was so much fun! Listening to Christmas music while trimming our tree made me merry. But after spending 2 days cleaning and taking them down, I've turned into a Grinch. Until this Christmas our decorations, ornaments, etc. were stored in my mom's attic. Now that Christmas is over and mom's attic is no longer available, I have to find storage in my own house. One of the things we love about the house is the immense amount of storage. There are 3 alcoves in the master and guest bedrooms and a small attic. I decided to use one for holiday decorations. Guess what I discovered in our storage spaces? Noah's stuff. He has stuff everywhere! He has more UVA t-shirts, pants, shorts, hats, shoes, footballs, and other gear than anyone should accumulate in one lifetime. Noah says one of the perks of being on the football team was free stuff. I have to disagree with the word "perk." He doesn't wear half of it! It's in storage bins and bags in all of our storage space. And instead of choosing one alcove to store it in, he has spread it out throughout the house. In the guest room closet, I found a huge basket full of athletic shoes and cleats.

So I asked him, "Why is there a basket full of your shoes in the guest room?"

"There's a basket of shoes in the guest room?"

We've been living here 8 months and those shoes have been forgotten about (because his closet is already full of athletic shoes). And even though he just bought a pair of running shoes a few weeks ago, we must continue to store the basket of shoes.

Now ladies, here is a perfect example of "choosing you arguments wisely." I choose to let this one go. There are bigger fish to fry. For example, the garbage receptacle that is Noah's car.

So until next year, our ornaments and stockings are stored neatly with care,
along with the footballs and t-shirts that will forever be there :)

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