Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I started my New Years Resolutions on Monday. That means I made it exactly 39 hours and 57 minutes without diet coke.

Maybe next year (but probably not). I guess I should just invest in this Diet Coke bong and move on...

Sunday, January 2, 2011


HAPPY 2011 EVERYONE!!! Can you believe another year has come and gone?? I'm currently sitting in the Destin, Florida airport waiting to fly back to Richmond. We rang in the New Year with college friends in Destin and had an AMAZING time! Our friend from Memphis has a family beach house in Destin and invited us down to celebrate the new year. We haven't seen him since the wedding so we couldn't resist the opportunity for a reunion. Noah was very excited to be reunited with 2 of his college roomies!! We spent 4 days with 10 great friends from Memphis, Richmond and DC. On New Year's Eve we went to Rum Runners (which overlooks water). When midnight rolled around, we stood on the balcony of the bar and watched what could possibly be the BEST fireworks display ever!!!

So I have a few hours to kill while I'm sitting in this airport.... Noah and I got an iPad for Christmas so I figured I could pass the time with a blog post. I just finished reading my horoscope in Glamour Magazine which says, "This year you'll keep all those New Year's resolutions." I'm very skeptical because I've never actually stuck to any of my New Year's resolutions (which makes me wonder why I ever have any). But this year I am determined to make it happen. So here they are (in no particular order):

1. Be healthy
2. Be on time

Only 2? Yes, only 2 - I just told you I never stick to any resolution so why should I overdo it? Let me elaborate on my 2 resolutions:

HEALTH: Overall, 2010 was a fantastic year! It was our first full year as a married couple and we had a blast. There was never a dull moment and we have some wonderful memories. But with our hectic social schedule, our eating and exercise habits fell to the wayside. Now that none of our clothes fit, it's time to exercise, eat more green things, and give up (gasp!) Diet Coke. Giving up Diet Coke will probably be the hardest thing. I've quit DC several times but it's never stuck. My mom still yells at me if she catches me drinking it. We didn't grow up with soft drinks in the house because my mother thinks they are poison (which I think is a little dramatic). I know it's bad for me but they are SO good in the afternoon and I only drink 1 each day.

Do you know that in the winter your body wants to gain wait? According to Glamour Magazine, here are a few things that most nutritionists can agree on:
- Don't smoke (even occasionally)
- Move 30 minutes a day
- De-stress
- Sleep at least 7 hours every night
- Eat breakfast
- Take a multivitamin daily
- Get 2,000 IU daily of Vitamin D
- Wash your hands for 20 seconds several times a day

NO MORE TARDINESS: I am always late and it's not my fault. I come from a family of people who are consistently late. My father is usually late and my mother is ALWAYS late (I was the last one to be picked up from school everyday - the teachers hated my mom). It's in my genes. I try to be on time (I really do!). This year I am going to try EXTRA hard! It's a terrible fault and it's something I want to change about myself. Noah is also usually late (as is his father).

By the way, my New Year Resolutions start tomorrow because the past two days have been filled with no exercise, few veggies, and lots of diet coke. Give me a break, I was on vacation!