Monday, August 17, 2009


"In my world, nothing is certain but death, taxes, and sports." (Me changing Ben Franklin's famous phrase). My upbringing consisted of horseback riding, piano and ballet. So when I met Noah, my world changed drastically as he introduced me to his world of football, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, soccer, lacrosse, etc. etc. etc... All of a sudden I went from learning things like "balancé," "assemblé," and "battemont en cloche" to "designated hitter," "mulligan," and "fumblerooski." (I didn't make this word's a real play) I'm still working on all my sports lingo. I love going to sporting events. When I get tired of actually watching the football/baseball/basketball/whatever sport game, there is TONS of people watching. I love watching the little kids, the cheerleaders, and the players sitting on the sidelines. Watching them on TV, however, is another story.

We should just have an "ESPN" button on our remote would make our lives a lot easier. As soon as a sporting event comes onto the television, my eyes glaze over. Some of my best naps are during golf games on this past Sunday when Tiger lost :( I woke up to catch the last hole. In college, I watched UVA play football live and then go back to Noah's apartment and watch the game again on TIVO. And it wasn't just Noah and me. There we would be...Noah, me, his 3 other roommates, their parents, siblings and other football fans. His apartment would be packed with those wanting to re-watch the game. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Don't get me wrong, football is my favorite sport. It's always exciting and fun to watch. But come on boys, they probably watched it a dozen more times in practice the next week.

I try very hard to be a supportive wife of a sportsaholic. And I have finally found a sports program I don't have to pretend to watch! (It only took 8 years) Ladies, turn to HBO every Wednesday at 10 pm to impress your husband. Hard Knocks follows head coach Marvin Lewis and the Cincinnati Bengals through training camp as veterans, rookies and free agents alike compete for space on a team with everything to prove ( My love for this series started last year when HBO followed the Dallas Cowboys (oh, Tony). You become so attached to the rookies who are fighting to stay on the team. I know how hard these boys work to even get to this point in their football careers. After hundreds of games, thousands of practices, blood, sweat, and injury, it only takes one minute for the coach to tell you that you won't be a part of the team. It breaks my heart. It gets us excited for football season to begin (we put up our UVA flag in preparation).

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