Monday, February 21, 2011

Stock the Bar!

These days we are all weddings, weddings, and more weddings. I love it! This past weekend we went to our friends' stock the bar shower. Noah and I also had a stock the bar shower and it was so much fun. Stock the bar showers are great because they include the groom. Since most showers are for the bride, mothers, and girlfriends, it's nice to include the hubby-to-be! It's a great way for the bride and groom to enjoy drinks with family and friends in a more relaxed environment (while stocking up on wine glasses, liquor and champagne flutes). If you're thinking of throwing a shower for a friend, a stock the bar shower is always a fun option. I adore this invitation from Esty. The couple's monogram on the champagne label is so cute!

If you're attending a stock the bar shower, I love these gift ideas:

These are from Horchow but I also love For Your Party. This online store has a wide selection of colors, font styles and motifs for your cocktail napkins. I've ordered napkins several times from this site and I've never been disappointed.

A cocktail recipe book is always fun. It's nice to get something that relates to the couple. I want to get this book for my stepdad who is from Kentucky (so he obviously loves his bourbon!).

We received a monogrammed Lucite tray at our shower that I use all the time! It's great for the summer when you serve guests outside. This patterned one is unique but I also like the clear ones from Personalization Mall.

I just love weddings (and monograms)! My friend, Caroline, looked gorgeous at her shower. You can always spot a bride, she's the one who's glowing...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Will you be my Valentine??

Happy Valentine's Day!! It's a holiday that people hate, love or love to hate but it's also a day when all women should remember what makes them beautiful and sexy (whether it's for themselves or a loved one). Noah and I had our 1st annual Valentine's Day cocktail party last night and it looks like cupid threw up all over our house... The party was so much fun with some of our favorite Valentines :) I LOVE Valentine's Day. Obviously, I have 2 wonderful Valentines (Noah and Jeter) but any day where we get to decorate with red and pink is my kind of holiday!

I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you some of the things that I think make all women sexy and beautiful...

1. Sexy Legs: women who love to show off their legs are sexy in my book! And what better way to show them off with a pair of HOT heels. For this time of year, I love a great bootie (like the Steve Madden one pictured above). Just remember not to choose a pair that cuts your legs off.

2. Red Dress: I LOVE this Shoshanna one-shouldered dress with the gold beaded accent. Check out a similar one at Bloomingdales. Remember ladies, everyone looks good in black AND red!

3. Eyes: I love a smoky eye as much as a naked eye as long as you're wearing mascara. Accentuating those lashes is just plain sexy. My FAVORITE mascara is Chanel's inimitable in noir. If I could only use one cosmetic product, it would be mascara. My eye lashes are long but also blond (haha) so I have to use mascara!

4. Lips: While we are on the subject of cosmetics, a red lip is the perfect Valentine's Day color. Make those lips irresistible! For everyday, I love a neutral lip gloss.

5. Love Rings: From engagement rings to friendship rings, a love ring is truly special. Do you know why you wear your wedding ring on the 3rd finger of your left hand? People used to believe a vein ran from the 3rd finger of the left hand straight to the heart. It's aptly named "Vena Amori," Latin for "vein of love." I love Finn's arrow rings. Be sure to check out their lower end line, Minor Obsessions, for simply chic necklaces and bracelets. Noah gave me their heart & key bracelet for Valentine's Day. It's adorable.

6. Laughter: There is nothing more sexy or beautiful to me than a woman's laughter. One of my favorite things about Noah is his sense of humor. The way he constantly cracks me up makes me feel beautiful.

So ladies, what makes you feel sexy and beautiful this Valentine's Day??