Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I despise...

Why? I don't know. It's a simple enough task but I can't stand it. As soon as Noah and I got married (ok really throughout our relationship), we just fell into those stereotypical gender roles. He takes out the trash...I do the dishes. He cuts the grass...I go grocery shopping. We do, however, split the cooking responsibilities and feeding Jeter.
I would rather do any of those designated "wifely duties" than go grocery shopping.
Worse: grocery shopping
Even Worse: grocery shopping with Noah (he has to go up and down EVERY aisle and it takes us 3 times as long. Plus, he forgets half the things that are actually on the grocery list! We usually split up and I spend half the time looking for him)
Worst: grocery shopping in heels
I typically go to the grocery store after I get off work because I don't want to spend my days off at Kroger or Ukrop's. When I know I have to go, I don't wear heels to work. I would love to go to the grocery store in juicy pants, a sweat shirt and rainbows because at least I would be comfortable while doing something I hate. Yesterday, I went to the grocery store after work and (gasp) I was wearing these heels:

Before I continue, I must comment on these beautiful (and surprisingly comfortable) Loeffler Randall "Ever" platform sandals. Perfection in a shoe. Mine are not blue, however, they are cream. As soon as you put on this shoe, you immediately feel sexy. And with the platform, they really aren't that high and are easy to walk in. Let's face it...everyone looks better in heels. They elongate your legs making you appear taller and skinnier. One of the girls I work with wears heels EVERYDAY. I am not joking. I've never seen her in flats!

Ok so picture me in my jeans, my huge handbag and these clunkers. Believe me, I got some looks. I forget that normal people don't dress the way I dress to go to work. Since I work in a clothing store, I have to appear as though I have some sense of style. There is no "dress code" at my job. As long as you look stylish/chic, you're golden. Since I couldn't quickly maneuver myself around the store (like I usually can in my flats), it took me forever! I wasn't comfortable and the shoes were actually starting to pinch after 8 hours of work.

But as I walked in the door with an armful of grocery bags, and saw my husband patiently awaiting my arrival, I was glad I came home looking cute. Keeps 'em on their toes :)

I kept them on while I cooked dinner...

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  1. Haha Muffy you are hilarious! I loved this post. Cute shoes!