Friday, October 16, 2009

Egg Hunting

Nope, it's not Easter! But there seem to be some extra eggs around the Greenbaum house!

As I've mentioned in the past, my family is full of animal lovers (especially my mom). My mom and I had the great idea to have turtle doves at my wedding. We have 2 beautiful antique bird cages which we thought would be beautiful on either side of the entrance into the ballroom. Here is a picture of my mom with her doves :)

You can't tell but there are 2 doves in that cage (which made a total of 4 doves at our wedding). Guess what happened to them after the wedding??? My mom took 2 and gave Noah and me 2.

I grew up having doves as pets. Noah, however, HATES birds. They totally freak him out. On our honeymoon, peacocks roamed our hotel. Noah wouldn't get near them (even the little baby ones). He doesn't go anywhere near our doves either. When I open the cage door to give them food or water, Noah leaves the room!

I discovered something very interesting today when I gave our birds (who have no names because we can't tell them a part) fresh of them laid an egg! Of course I have no idea which one the egg came from! I don't even know if one of them is male! I told my friend, Sally, about my egg discovery and she quickly googled for some fast facts on egg hatching.

What did we discover?? (

- Doves can have babies have 46 days!

- You should leave the egg in the cage even if it is infertile (if the mom lays too many eggs she could deplete her calcium levels)

- Male doves usually sit on the eggs during the day and the females at night

- Don't tell Noah...doves in captivity can live 12-15 YEARS!!!!!

Very interesting.... My mom's doves have laid many eggs and 8 hatched! Now my step-sister has 2 doves and my mom has 5! With the number of eggs her dove is producing, I'm pretty sure I have 2 female doves. After closer inspection of the egg, I realized it is cracked. I think I will put a nest in the cage for any future eggs.

Moral of my post...if you want doves at your wedding, get the release doves. That way you won't come back from your honeymoon with 2 new pets :)

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