Monday, August 10, 2009

Animal Lovers

I'm an animal lover, born and raised. It comes from my mother. Growing up on a farm, I've always had dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, chickens, doves, and the occasional Beta fish. Not to mention all the lost/sick wild animals we took in. My mother has reunited several fawns with their mamas. When I was 10, my whole family was driving home from dinner one night. On the dark, windy roads of Goochland, we accidentally hit a deer. What would most people do? Feel guilty and continue to drive home all the while hoping there was no damage done to their car. Not my mother made us turn around so she could pick up the deer. Yes, my mom sat in the back of our gold station wagon with the deer. The deer didn't make it but it shows you how much my mother would do for an animal.

Just like my mom, I love my animals. I gave Jeter to Noah for his graduation from college. He is probably the most spoiled dog I've ever owned. And Jeter has a very sensitive stomach. He eats ProPlan "Sensitive Stomach" with salmon and rice which you can only get at a pet store. So Noah and I made the trip to PetSmart after our workout tonight. Let me tell you, PetSmart is the place to be on a Monday night. Everyone was there with their dogs! It was so much fun. There were Labs, Boxers, and Golden Retrievers everywhere! I felt guilty that we didn't bring Jeter. There was even a crazy cat lady in the mix who had an ENTIRE cart full of different types of cat food, cat litter, and cat toys. She had cats on her purse and Noah said she had pictures of cats on her checks. You gotta love these animal lovers. If you've never experienced the joy of pet ownership, I suggest you go to the SPCA today and adopt a furry friend. We are planning on getting another dog next spring :) I want to adopt!
The best thing about having a dog is the constant companionship and unconditional love. When you come home after a bad day, they are always at the door, tail wagging, ready to greet you. You can't help but smile! I love how Jeter follows Noah and I everywhere! When Noah and I sleep in, Jeter will jump on the bed, lie right between us and snuggle. And when Noah and I go out of town, we miss him!! He's just too cute :)

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