Sunday, August 16, 2009

Couples Night

We had a relaxing Saturday night with some of our friends. We tried a new (new to us) restaurant, Helen's, and made our first visit to Bow-Tie Cinemas (the new movie theater on the Blvd).
I should have fasted for 3 days before eating at this restaurant. It was soooo good but they feed you like you haven't eaten in days! Noah and I both had the shrimp and grits as our main course; however, by the time it arrived, we were already stuffed from the appetizers! One of our friends knows the chef and he kept bringing us yummy appetizers (like a white gazpacho and crab cakes with mashed potatoes). On top of that, we ordered three appetizers: fried green tomatoes, pig belly (gross), and wings. I didn't eat any of those appetizers but Noah said the wings were the best he's ever had (which really means something coming from him haha).

After we engorged ourselves at Helen's, we decided to see The Hangover at Bow-Tie Cinemas. We had an hour before the movie started so we got a few drinks at a restaurant across the street from the theater. I can't remember the name; however, it is relatively new to Richmond with a mountain lodge atmosphere. We want to try it out for dinner (if we can ever remember the name). So after a few drinks, we finally made it to our movie. IT WAS HILARIOUS. Girls, you have to like "guy humor" to think this one is funny. The movie exceeded my expectations! Bow-Tie Cinemas, however, did not. It is supposed to be known for "bringing style and elegance back to the movie going experience." Besides the fact that it is new and clean, there was nothing more stylish or elegant about this movie theater than any other movie theater I've visited. One of the "perks" of the theater is it's bar. No thank you. Unless you want to spend $8 on a glass of wine or beer, drink it out of a plastic cup, and sit on metal seats, go across the street if you want to have a pre-movie cocktail. You can't bring your drink into the movie either. You have to drink it in their designated "bar" area. Nonetheless, it's new, clean and close to our house so we will go back!

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