Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fine Dining

This week was busy busy! I don't eat out a lot; however, this week, I went all out for my friends who were in town! I had never heard of the restaurants where I dined this week. Noah and I decided that we are going to try a new restaurant every week. Since Richmond is officially our home now, we need to know more about the city and what it has to offer!

Whenever I think about food, restaurants, recipes, etc., I can't help but think about my best friend, Sally. I miss her terribly! We usually talk everyday but she has an amazing job where she's touring the country promoting organically grown/ locally produced food through Outstanding in the Field. Her blog (appropriately titled "Come to the Table: Share, Eat, Learn") is interesting to read and she has taken some breathtakingly beautiful pictures! (This is a picture from Ford Farm in Sauvie Island, OR). Needless to say, we don't get talk everyday! I think I am going to try to convince her to move to Richmond :)
Restaurant 1: Cous Cous
It was a girls night on Tuesday and we went to Cous Cous. This Mediterranean/Moroccan tapas restaurant is a great place for dinner with the girls or date night! It's located at 900 W. Franklin Street. It was sooo good! There wasn't one dish I didn't like and I can't wait to take Noah there. I love tapas restaurants because you get a little taste of everything. My favs: the Sangria (the "white" one was the best...I can't remember the name of it exactly), Manchego Fritters, Saganaki, and to finish the meal off, Chocolate Bread Pudding. I can't believe it took me this long to discover this cute restaurant!

Restaurant 2: The Arcade Cafe
My collegie roomies, Margaret and Caroline, were in town from Charleston
and New York this weekend! Of course we had to go to dinner and catch up! Margaret chose this great restaurant near Libbie and Grove. We sat outside and enjoyed our tasty dinners. I don't remember a ton about the restaurant because I was having so much fun chating with my old roommates! Margaret is getting married in May of 2010 and I love to hear all about how the wedding details are coming along! I'm wedding obsessed. I miss them sooooo much! I wish we could go to dinner every week.

Restaurant 3: Coast
Coast, a relatively new restaurant to Richmond, is located 2 doors down from the Arcade Cafe on Grove Avenue. Noah chose Coast for our date night on Saturday. Noah chose the Shrimp and Grits and I picked the Wild Salmon. Both were DELICIOUS! This restaurant was the priciest of the three but definitely worth it! It was nice and relaxing after a long day at work! I love date night. It's important to have date night at least once a week (even if you cook at home) no matter how long you have been dating/engaged/married! It keeps it interesting :)
One more piece of relationship advice I learned from my mother:
Always wear something sexy to bed (don't you dare wear his old football t-shirt from high school!) My favorite lingerie designer is Hanky Panky because it's comfortable yet sexy and it doesn't wrinkle! Also, Victoria's Secret makes some cute/comfy/sexy cotton nighties. Just a little tip!
Future Brides/Friends of Future Brides:
Looking for your "Something Blue?" Hanky Panky makes this adorable "I DO" thong and it's blue! My sister gave it to me to wear on my wedding day!

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  1. I wore those blue hanky pankies on my wedding day! Sally got me hooked on hanky pankies in college - I love them!