Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Remember when your Vogue weighed more than your Biology textbook from high school? Those were the days...Sadly, with the worsening economy, Vogue had to go on a serious diet. I was very upset when I picked up my copy the other day. It lacked a certain amount of glamour, style, and chicness that it usually delivers. My Glamour, however, inspired me to write this post...

1. It had a magnificent cover...Jessica Simpson (who I feel is still fabulous). To all you Jess haters, I don't care what you say about her. I know she's not a Harvard grad (or even a college grad for that matter) but she's got something special. In the world of grotesquely skinny fashion icons, it's nice to see a girl with some killer curves!

2. Don't we all love the Glamour "Dos and Don'ts"?

It inspired me to share with you my "Dos." These are some of my favorite things: (clockwise)

Sunglasses: Throw on a huge pair of sunglasses to make any outfit more chic (or when you don't have time to put on makeup....when they cover your whole face, who needs it anyway???)
Turquoise: Turquoise is a symbol of generosity, sincerity and affection. It is also been known to ward of evil!
Cowboy Boots: Bought my first pair of cowboy boots last year from Nashville, TN. The real deal. These durable duds are extremely versatile. From jeans to dresses, make sure you have a pair of these in your closet.
Cardigans and Belts: and not necessarily together! Long cardigans are "in" again this fall and so are big belts. Belt anything and everything! (Like costume designer of Sex and the City does!)
Chanel: Gabrielle or "Coco" Chanel is one of the most iconic designers of the 20th century. As the inventor of the "little black dress" and hater of corsets, you have to love her always!
Super High Heels: Wear them to'll be sitting the whole anyways! High heels always make you look 10 pounds lighter! I swear!
Gold Watch: If I could buy anything right now, I would buy an over sized gold watch (ok really I would buy a sofa but if I was being selfish...)
Bright Nails: Always sexy! Your outfit looks a little more complete with a pretty manicure. (NO CHIPS PLEASE! If you see a chip, touch it up or take it off!)
Designer Look-A-Like: These $190 Badgley Mischka pumps look almost IDENTICAL to the $700 Mui Mui ones! Don't you love that?
Skinny Jeans: With pumps, flats or boots, everyone needs a pair of skinny jeans! Just trust me on this one! And you don't have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans.

This was fun! Hope you enjoyed my list of "Dos." Maybe I'll do a list of "Don'ts" too!

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