Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My DC/MD Adventure

I had a great weekend with 2 of my best friends! My friend, Sally, who lives in DC, is getting married in Royal Oak, Maryland at the beginning of July. My other friend, Margaret, and I went to visit her for her birthday this past weekend and it was quite an adventure...

Marge and I arrived in DC in the afternoon on Friday and explored Georgetown for a few hours with Sally. We hit up 2 of my favorite spots... Georgetown Cupcakes and CUSP by Neiman Marcus. Georgetown Cupcakes' menu changes daily but there are a few flavors they have everyday (check out their website for more information). When you walk into that shop, it smells like heaven! There was a line wrapped around the corner to taste the little pieces of heaven. My favorite flavor was the "Chocolate PB Chip." YUM. As if we hadn't engorged ourselves enough in the cupcakes, we went to Food Wine & Co for dinner. They have a fabulous oyster bar and a pretty great wine list.

On Saturday, we woke up pretty early (you know I don't believe weekends have "mornings") and headed to Royal Oaks, Maryland. It took us longer than we thought to arrive on account of our inability to follow directions or input an address in a navigation system but we got there nonetheless. Upon arrival, Margaret and I got to see where Sally would have her rehearsal dinner and wedding. We also got to eat dinner at the Bartlett Pear Inn (where Margaret and I will host Sally's bridesmaids luncheon) in Easton, MD. Our dinner was AMAZING. Jordan and Alice Loyd, the owners of the BPI, are so sweet and very accomodating. They turned a 220 year old home into restaurant, lounge and bed and breakfast. It was so quaint but had a modern edge.
If you ever need a quiet weekend away, this would be the perfect place.
After a very long weekend of eating and exploring DC/MD, I was exhausted! I am so excited for Sally and her fiance. I can't wait to celebrate with them this summer!!

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