Monday, November 1, 2010

....and football

Happy November! I can't believe Thanksgiving is three weeks away. I am very busy for the next couple weeks as Roan teams up with the International Hospital for Children every year for a fashion show and auction. We usually raise around $500,000. It's a wonderful event and I'm very excited because we have a new space for the event this year. It's going to be amazing. I chose all the models for the runway show this week and I will fit them next week. Designers are sending in samples for us to use in the show. It's always stressful but it's for a great cause!
For more information on the International Hospital for Children, please visit

You might have noticed that I changed by blog description to "a little blog about life, love, fashion....and football." I felt the need to add football because my life seems to revolve around love, fashion and football. Now I am no expert on football (although I do sometimes surprise myself). I recently read this article about a VA Tech football player and wanted to share it. At first, it really grossed me out. But now I have nothing but respect for this player...which says a lot considering how much I am trained to hate VA Tech.

Even the loss of a pinkie won't keep him from playing!

You may have also noted that I added a picture to the title of my blog. This is a picture of Jeter swimming in the lake at my mom's house. Every so often I take Jeter out to my mom's (who lives in the country)to go on a nice run. He also gets to take a dip in the lake (which he loves). I took this picture with my cell phone on one of the first cool days of fall. It was so peaceful.

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