Thursday, July 30, 2009

My first blog!

I'm so excited to start this blog! I recently got married and I want to be able to look back on this time in our lives. I could just keep a diary but this is much more fun! Since I've named my blog "Greenbaum Life," I think it's only fitting to show you how I became a Greenbaum.

I officially became a Greenbaum on May 23, 2009! I, Meredith (my friends call me Muffy), took Noah to be my husband!

Our wedding was perfect as I got to marry the love of my life! I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful day. I feel so lucky to have been surrounded by our amazing friends and family! As one of the first of my friends to tie the knot, they always ask me if being married feels different. YES! I don't know why, but Noah and I have to agree that it's different (and definitely in a good way). Noah describes it like this..."Before we got married and a guy hit on Muffy, I would get upset. Now that we're married, I want to scream 'Get the F*** away from my wife!'" I think that pretty much sums it up!

Here is the quick version of our love story:

Noah and I met in Costa Rica on a spring break trip when I was a freshman and Noah a sophomore. We dated all through high school and college. We both graduated from the University of Virginia. The summer after I graduated, Noah proposed! I was SHOCKED. A year and a half later, we got married! I truly believe we were meant to be! I'll probably get more detailed later but that's all the important information!

I also have to introduce our baby, Jeter! He's 2 years old and spoiled rotten!

Side note: I really don't want to worry about spelling and grammer as I'm blogging. Please excuse any mistakes!

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  1. Welcome to blogger! Sounds like an awesome journey so far :)